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Our bouillon is served with the finest class Rausu kelp.Well balanced meal. No MSGDo not use chemical seasoning) 

Spicy Pork Curry  ¥1,100 

Spice using 15 kinds of spices.Rich Flavor with Tender Pork .Our shop’s First Recommendation

Ground Beef Dried Curry  ¥1,100

Vegetables&Chicken SpiceCurry  ¥1,200

Today’s Special(Limited)Spring Vegetables , Chicken and Spice Curry

Chicken Curry  ¥1,050

Taste that is full-bodied and crisp

Ratatouille Curry (Vegetable)  ¥1,100

Topping with Ratatouille (Simmered Vegetables with tomatoes) in Spice curry

Classic Curry(Beef)¥1,250

Old-fashioned Hotel style curry made with spices and fruits

Butter Chicken Curyy (For Children)  ¥850(L size)¥1,200 

Today’s Dessert / Homemade Classic Baked CheeseCake ¥650

If that is your meal (Curry) discount ¥100

Homemade Tarte Tatin  ¥650

IceCream with Soybean Powder and Brown Sugar Syrup  ¥550 

Take Out Curry  ¥1,050

※All prices are tax included.

Yuigahama Station(Enoden) Front of the station

2-1-7 Hase Kamakura-Shi , Kanagawa   (zip 248-0016)

Open :11:30pm – 21:00pm  ( Saturday Only 11:30am – 21:00pm )

Closed on Mondays(Public holidays business)

※When curry is sold out, closing time may be earlier

TEL 0467-24-8400